Why there are no recent Dekle cousins on this site.

This site is limited to Dekles and relatives who were born before 1900. This is because, regretfully, some people may search the internet for personal information for less than honorable purposes. I would love to make available all known information on the family and our relatives for those of you who are truly searching for your roots, however, I do not believe that the internet is the place to do so. I believe that many of our living relatives would object to having personal information about them published in such a public place as the internet, where anyone with access to a computer could obtain that information for any purpose.

For anyone truly interested in the genealogy of the modern Dekle family and how you fit in, such information is readily available to you. The just published book, Dekle and Dekle Descendants of the U.S.A. has a wealth of information on over 5,000 Dekles and relatives all the way up to 1998. Anne Dekle, the publisher of this book, has copies available for sale and she has also placed copies in several libraries.  In addition, if you have specific questions about your line of the family or a certain relative, email me and I will check my database for you, or look up the information in my copy of the Dekle book. All I would ask in return is that you please let me know if you hear of anyone who has any documentation of the Dekle family in the early 1800's or before. I am specifically interested in such things as family bibles, marriage records or public or private documents which may contain any reference to John Leonard Dekle (Deakle in some records) or his wife Sallie Grissom.

Please don't ask me to copy parts of Anne's book. This would not be fair to Anne, who has put so much work into the book, and besides, if you need that much information you should have a copy of the book for yourself and your family. You will not regret having purchased a copy, but you may regret waiting until they are all sold out. I have wished for years that I had purchased a copy of Ansel Dekle's original book while he was still alive.