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These pictures hung in the house built by George Washington Dekle in 1882. I am reasonably certain that they are George Washington Dekle (1838-1898) and his wife Susan Lanier Dekle (1840-1913) (see photo below), however they could be Littleton Dekle (1811-?) and Susan Warren (?-?), George Dekle (1781-1840's) and Nancy Rountree (1785-1856) or possibly even John and Sallie. Any guesses as to dates based on clothes or picture type would be appreciated.

The people in the photos are Robert Toombs Smith and Alice J. Allen, parents of Bessie Smith Dekle, who was wife of James Ivey Dekle. They were called Old Ma and Old Pa by their children and Grandchildren.

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The George Washington Dekle Family about 1897
This photo was made on the front steps of the house built by George Washington Dekle in 1882.
(See House in 1997 Below) Back row Left ot Right; Susan Lanier Dekle (1840-1913), George Washington Dekle (1838-1898), James Ivey Dekle (1878-1957). Others are not positively identified but suspected to be John L. Dekle (1868-1919), George Littleton Dekle (1869-1932), Willie M. Dekle (1872-1922), Robert Lee Dekle (1874-1953), Emma  Dekle (1876-1926) and/or spouses and children. If you can identify any of these people, please leave me a message.

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The George Washington Dekle House as it looked in 1997.
This house is located on the Dekle farm in Candler County Georgia. James Ivey Dekle, son of George, raised his family in this house and lived there until the mid 1950's. The house and the surrounding farm are still owned by direct descendants of
James Ivy Dekle.  John Dekle the Immigrant is buried approximately one-half mile Northeast of the house.

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Aerial Photo of the Dekle Farm
The house above can be seen where the roads form an X. The grave of John Dekle the immigrant is located in the area to the right of  the house near the odd shaped field.

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Bessie Smith Dekle Aug. 23, 1881 - June 20, 1971

Wife of James Ivey Dekle "Pa-Pa Dekle"

"Ma-Ma Dekle"

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The Photo below was made in October of 1931 at Stone Mountain Georgia
Provided by Patricia Dekle Coleman

Left to Right:
John Wesley Johnson 1903-1990 (married Bessie Laurene Dekle in 1928) 
Emma Bird 1911-1999 (married Cecil Kermit Dekle in 1932)
Cecil Kermit Dekle 1908-1964
Sibyl Dekle 1918-1974

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