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            From Hall's Crossing Ferry Ramp                                                            Waiting on Ferry

 Yes, the ferry can hold a 43 foot camper/boat combo                                 Tubing down the Canyon

                The houseboat next door.                                         Would you believe me if I told you that this is a
                                                                                                beaver (he is in the prior picture also)

     Early morning. Leaving the campsite.                                    Sitting on top of the Houseboat at a hanging garden
                                                                                                overnight campsite.

escort.jpg (28655 bytes)                     peopleonrocks2.jpg (52220 bytes)
      Cruising down lake with a aerial escort.                                 There are four people on top of the pile of rocks.

happykid.jpg (31909 bytes)                      mikerelaxes.jpg (30909 bytes)
                    Kids catch Stripers too.                                           Mike does relax occasionally, although his jaw
                                                                                                                        still looks a  little tense. 

rainbowbridge.jpg (42153 bytes)                      reflection.jpg (14016 bytes)
What else can I say, it's the world famous Rainbow Bridge.                                 Gail on the Rocks.


sandhill3.jpg (50340 bytes)                      shadowsking.jpg (24486 bytes)
           The locally famous "Sand Hill"                                                            Skiing in the Shadows

smooth.jpg (29605 bytes)                       swimminghole.jpg (43809 bytes)
                 Good Skiing or What?                                                                            Swim Break

topdeck.jpg (36458 bytes)
Me again at the Hanging Garden. I really like this spot.