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This is our 1953 Cessna 170-B somewhere over Oklahoma.  This photo was made by a friend flying in a Cabin Waco. We were part of a group of antique and classic aircraft on the way to a fly-in at Bartlesville, OK.  Soon after this picture was taken, we were overtaken by a flight of three F-14's. Two went under us and the third went overhead inverted at about the same distance as this photograph looks. I looked out the front window as I am doing here, and the pilot of the upside down F-14 waved at me. In retrospect, it was an interesting experience but at the time I thought I was going to have to land and change shorts.  The F-14's poured on the coal and were completely out of sight in about a minute.

On the way back from this fly-in several of us were following the lead aircraft which had a brand new GPS, the first one in our club. Since he knew exactly where we were (or so we thought), no one else in the group was paying any attention to navigation or landmarks. A sudden haze caused us to lose sight of the leader so we split up.  We called Dave on the radio and asked where we were according to his GPS. He replied that he was approximately 130 miles Southeast of his next check point but he had no idea where we were on the map. I had to fly low until I finally found a small town. We then went low enough to read the city limits sign to find out where we were. We were sixty miles from where we had guessed.